16 oktober 2017

UGlobe, Utrecht Centre for Global Challenges, zoekt nieuwe onderzoeksprojecten om te ondersteunen. De deadline voor het insturen van onderzoeksideeën is 16 oktober. 

Meer informatie (in het Engels):
UGlobe will select and support innovative and creative new research projects. The UGlobe Call for ideas offers you the possibility to become part of UGlobe and provides a platform to showcase your ideas. So please send your research ideas before 16 October to Uglobe@uu.nl.

International developments, such as climate change, increasing inequality, conflicts, breaches of human rights, terrorism, technological developments and changing power relationships in Europe and the world have major consequences for our society. The current world order is characterised by far-reaching and widespread contestation. At UGlobe the central theme of contestation will be studied from four domains: human rights, conflict & security, sustainability, and development & equity.

Your ideas
UGlobe is particularly interested in your ideas about how these domains can be studied from an interdisciplinary perspective, are linked with each other, and how these linkages can be made visible. As UGlobe also aims at further enhancing cooperation in the field of education, ideas as to how research in these domains could strengthen UGlobe’s activities in the field of education are welcome as well.

Becoming part of UGlobe & showing committment
The UGlobe Call for Ideas offers you the possibility to become part of UGlobe and provides a platform to showcase your innovative ideas. In return for support of your ideas UGlobe expects from you to show commitment to UGlobe, actively take part in UGlobe activities in the fields of research and education to strengthen UGlobe’s profile, and to contribute to creative solutions for the global challenges that the world is facing today.

Phase 1: first UGlobe asks you to submit:

  • a description of your idea for a UGlobe project (maximum 1000 words), which is directly related to the central theme of UGlobe (or the research domains);
  • ideas that concern inter- or multidisciplinary research or research-informed educational activities and that are able to connect with external partners, stakeholders and the public at large (see the format below).

The deadline for submitting proposals is 16 October 2017. The scientific board of UGlobe will in  October select 10 – 15 ideas, and sponsor (with  max 5000 euros) the organization of a workshop, a joint seminar for researchers and stakeholders or another activity to further develop the idea and form a UGlobe consortium.

Phase 2: from these 10-15 ideas, UGlobe will in the second round select the 4-8 projects that will become the core of the research activities of the institute in the next 3 years. UGlobe will then sponsor the research involved with its (limited) means. After 3 years another Call for Ideas will be issued and new projects will be selected.

Format for proposal for research idea
The following list of questions has to be filled out (max 1000 words in total).

  • Title
  • Short Description
  • UU scholars involved (name, faculty)
  • Activity proposed for first stage
  • Activities for medium long-term
  • Societal relevance/public engagement
  • Link with education

Check whether this proposal relates to one of the following (several boxes can be checked):

  • UGlobe research areas
  • UGlobe education initiatives
  • Links UGlobe research and education

Check to which of the four UGlobe themes your proposal relates (several boxed can be checked):

  • Human rights
  • Conflict & security
  • Sustainability
  • Development & equity

Meer informatie over UGlobe.