A sustainable energy system on district level

Smart Solar Charging is a sustainable energy system at district level. Locally produced solar energy is stored in (pool) cars via Vehicle2Grid technology: a smart and dynamic quick load- and storage system. This creates flexible storage capacity that reduces peak loads on the power grid. The stored energy is being released to the district at a later time, when energy prices are high.

The Utrecht district Lombok is internationally known as thé Smart Solar Charging pilot area. The experiences in Lombok will be developed further and tested over the next four years in five linked pilot areas in the Utrecht region. Each pilot area has its own user profile, type of customer and specific market. All areas combine the production of renewable energy with Vehicle2Grid-charging points and car sharing systems.

The aim of this project is to further develop and test the experiences in Lombok in five linked pilot areas in the Utrecht region over the next four years. Each area with its own user profile, type of customer and specific market. This will result in:

  1. marketable product-service combinations for various types of districts / areas;
  2. new economic activity in the Utrecht region ;
  3. a contribution to environmental sustainability, low carbon economy and social sustainability.

Cooperation partners
The project is being executed by an experienced consortium led by Utrecht Sustainability Institute and technical project leader LomboXnet. Other consortium partners are the companies Last Mile Solutions, We Drive Solar, New Solar, Vidyn, Jedlix and grid manager Stedin as well as the knowledge institutions Utrecht University and University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. 

European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD) Kansen voor West II.

The research in the pilot areas is supported by the Municipalities of Utrecht, Houten and Utrechtse Heuvelrug, Renault, Province of Utrecht, Triodos, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Utrecht University.

Lead time
2017 - now

The project Smart Solar Charging is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Kansen voor West II





Contact person USI

For more information about Smart Solar Charging please contact Carolien van Hemel or Rinske van Herwaarden or visit www.smartsolarcharging.eu.

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