Fibre-optic monitoring of the subsoil energy balance of cold and heat storage systems (FOME-BES)

Knowledge institutions, companies, the municipality and province of Utrecht join forces in Utrecht to improve the performance of heat and cold storage systems in a worldwide unique way. A threedimensional fibre optic network is being installed in three different areas that will measure the temperatures in the subsoil throughout the seasons. For the first time, this will provide insight in the development of the energy balance in the subsoil around heat and cold storage systems, taking into account seasonal variations. This insight will enable an optimal use of the energy potential in the subsoil.










Image on the right: source Deltares.

Insight in subsoil temperature profiles at five locations where multiple cold and heat storage systems are active, in order to validate the theoretical simulation models actually used, to develop a marketable monitoring instrument and to predict and prevent subsoil filter problems.

Cooperation partners
USI, Deltares, Utrecht University, a.s.r., Province of Utrecht, Municipality of Utrecht, Priva, BAM Techniek, Royal HaskoningDHV, C'M'S' Derks Star Busmann, Park Strijp Energy.

Supported by national program TKI EnerGO

Lead time

Contact person USI

For more information about FOME-BES, please contact Arno Peekel or Daniëlle de Jong or visit (in Dutch).

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