March 9, 2020

The plenary programme of the annual Utrecht University Pathways to Sustainability conference on 5 March 2020 is now available to watch. The conference was devoted to the theme of ‘accelerating the sustainability transformation’.

Two highlights of the Pathways to Sustainability Conference are the museum of the circular economy and the Pathways to Sustainability Award. 

Museum of the circular economy
This experiential museum takes you back from 2050 to as far as 1780 to witness the rise and demise of the extractive economy of the 19th and 20th century, and the revival of what became known as the 'circular economy' since the turn of the last century. Urban Futures Studio and Utrecht Sustainability Institute organised an Expert Session about sustainability projects in Utrecht, like Werkspoorkwartier, in the 2020s as blueprints for the circular world in 2050.

Pathways to Sustainability Award
One of the three nominees for the Pathways to Sustainability Award is Smart Solar Charging, which accelerates the energy transition by contributing to energy neutral districts, cities and regions. The project is highly interdisciplinary, involves stakeholders intensively in co-creating the agenda and the activities and is expected to have great societal impact.



Conference 2020: Accelerating the sustainability transformation
Every day we are confronted by alarming news of the climate crisis, vast biodiversity loss, faster than predicted thawing ice and permafrost, natural resource shortages, and rising social inequality. We are increasingly aware that the pathways to sustainability require an extraordinary effort: where will the needed energy come from? How do we nurture the acceleration of promising trends? How do we speed up to achieve societal, scientific and political breakthroughs while ensuring socially fair outcomes? 


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