March 21, 2019

PRESS RELEASE - World premiere for Renault and We Drive Solar

UTRECHT – Today His Majesty King Willem-Alexander launched a new durable energy and mobility ecosystem in Utrecht, developed by We Drive Solar, partnered with Renault. The system deploys shared electric Renault ZOE cars and charging stations, enabling the Renault ZOE to both charge and discharge. Project Smart Solar Charging is involved in this launch.

Battery on wheels

This innovation makes the Renault ZOE a battery on wheels which can store solar energy and later return it to the electricity grid. This enables a more efficient use of sustainable solar and wind energy. The bidirectional technology will optimize the recharge costs for customers and will expand on a massive scale.


The bidirectional Renault ZOE is used as a shared car by We Drive Solar. The city of Utrecht is the first Dutch municipality to choose to implement the new energy and mobility system on a large scale. At least 145 bidirectional charging points will be installed in the city. Agreements have been made with project developers on the use of We Drive Solar shared cars as smart and sustainable mobility for residents of Utrecht city and region.

World premiere of new open standard

This world introduction in Utrecht is also the first deployment of the new ISO15118 protocol for AC bidirectional charging that is currently finalized. This protocol allows a bidirectional exchange of energy and therefore makes it in future possible for electric cars to actively take part in smart energy networks.


> Read the complete press release on the website of project Smart Solar Charging