Pathways to Sustainability Conference 2020 available to watch
9 maart 2020

The annual Utrecht University Pathways to Sustainability conference is now available to watch. The conference was devoted to the theme of ‘accelerating the sustainability transformation’.

Project Smart Solar Charging nominated for Pathways to Sustainability Award
5 maart 2020

Smart Solar Charging is one of the nominees for the Pathways to Sustainability Award. The project is highly interdisciplinary, involves stakeholders intensively in co-creating the agenda and the activities and is expected to have great societal impact.

Film: How Smart Solar Charging enables the energy transition
20 januari 2020

Film: How Smart Solar Charging enables the energy transition. In the film 'Smart Solar Charging – Sustainable energy available anytime' project partners explain how.

Movie: Circular development – The power of collectivity
9 januari 2020

Working collectively towards a new circular development, why and how? Charlotte and Daniel talk about collaboration within the cooperation Het Hof van Cartesius in the short documentary Circular development – The power of collectivity. This episode is part of the film series Werkspoorkwartier Utrecht, creative and circular manufacturing.

Movie ‘Circular renovation - Old buildings with modular interior’
21 november 2019

How to renovate old factories in a circular way? Discover the sustainable redevelopment of the Werkspoorfabriek in Utrecht.

Movie: Circular Hub - From waste to building material
19 november 2019

Meet Buurman, the circular hub that revitalises waste materials in the movie 'Circular Hub - From waste to building material'.

PRESS RELEASE - Utrecht Science Park first campus with large bidirectional charging network
16 oktober 2019

Utrecht – With thirty-two brand new Smart Solar Charging vehicle charging points, the Utrecht Science Park is the world’s first campus that features bidirectional charging according to the new open ISO 15118 standard. This charging system can both charge and discharge electric cars, thus enabling them to actively participate in smart energy networks.