Highest goals for recycling in packaging

The Packaging Framework 2013-2022 specifies targets for the recycling percentage of packaging. At the same time, the central government, municipalities and the packaging companies agreed that the industry will draw up sustainability plans with the highest goals for packaging. In this process industry leaders ensure that laggards join in this development. The Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) reviews these plans with the review committee, consisting of four scientists from various Dutch universities. Jacqueline Cramer has a seat in the review committee. The sustainability plans will be drawn up and presented to the Secretary of State based on the opinion of the review committee. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment plans to use the highest goals in drafting policy. The highest achievable goals need to be realised by 2018. From 2017, the analysis will be performed again after which the highest achievable goals for the period 2018 - 2022 will be determined.

Review the sustainability plans of the packaging sector van brancheverduurzamingsplannen for the highest goals.

Cooperation partners
National government, municipalities, packaging companies, KIDV.


Lead time
2015 - now

Contact person USI

For more information about the sustainability plans of the packaging branch, please contact Jacqueline Cramer or visit www.kidv.nl (in Dutch).

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