Future power grids

The project 'Smart Grid' developed and tested a series of new, scaleable and user-driven services related to power grids of the future. The tests took place in two medium-sized smart grids of one hundred households each, located in Amersfoort and Utrecht, the Netherlands. We started from the residents. By working in existing neighborhoods with intensive community participation, we were able to co-create services that people will actually benefit from.

Lessons learned, research results and successful approaches were actively disseminated from the project start onwards. By that, the regional economy and society could take optimal advantage of the project deliverables. The market uptake and knowledge dissemination of the new services contribute to the energy transition and CO2-reduction. 

The project aims to test and promote the possibilities of smart grids by developing and testing eight innovative services in two medium scale smart grids. Smart grids are necessary to make the future electricity network greener without compromising its reliability or affordability. The project is strongly end-user oriented; the new smart grid services are developed in co-creation with end-users. The new services, amongst which E-Car4all, Insight4all, Advice4all and Flex4all, foster the acceleration of the energy transition as well as new employment. 

Cooperation partners
Economic Board Utrecht, LomboXnet, Icasus, Eemflow Energy, Stedin, Ecofys, DNV KEMA, CapGemini, Utrecht University, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, University of Groningen.

Province of Utrecht, City of Amersfoort, City of Utrecht.

Lead time
2012 - 2014

Contact person USI

For more information about the project Smart Grid please contact Carolien van Hemel or visit www.smartgridrendement.nl (in Dutch).

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