Integrated approach in underground construction

The platform Planning and Underground focuses on an integrated approach in underground construction, thus laying the connection between the other research areas within COB. Municipalities and provinces are formulating their strategic spatial planning agenda for the surface, but why not make a connection to the layout of the underground? Integrated area development is complex; it requires cooperation between many parties, often from different worlds. In addition, the consideration of underground and surface solutions is not obvious. The added value of underground construction often lies in the improvement of quality of life on the surface, which is difficult to express in money.To assist parties in the combination of Planning and Underground, COB coordinates various studies in this area. The Platform connects parties, initiates new projects and supports applied research. The focus is on governments and authorities as well as all professionals engaged in spatial planning. Henk Werksma is coordinator of the Platform Planning and Underground and Jacqueline Cramer is Ambassador. She also provides a connection to the researchers at the Utrecht knowledge cluster.



Cooperation partners
Companies, municipalities, professionals.

COB and partners partners

Lead time
2013 - 2016

Contact person USI

For more information about the platform Planning & Underground, please contact Jacqueline Cramer or visit (in Dutch).

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