Regional alliance circular economy

At this moment, the possibilities to recover raw materials from waste streams are rapidly increasing. This includes taking into account the future recovery of raw materials in the production phase. This new, circular economy in development offers many opportunities for the Utrecht region. 

Within the Utrecht region, the municipalities of Utrecht and Amersfoort, Economic Board Utrecht, USI and the Nature and Environment Federation Utrecht in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment aim to cooperate in a joint alliance and in cooperation with other parties to realise 'Circular Region Utrecht'. Circular Region Utrecht includes the local use of goods and services by residents and companies in Utrecht. Parties using waste as a resource for (new) products or services are not necessarily located in the region. However, consumption of the materials and products within the region is preferred from a sustainable perspective.

Based on a quick-scan, several circular strategy lines have been identified: a prioritization of promising raw material flows that are economically viable at regional level or in which Utrecht can link up with existing initiatives to develop scalable business cases on a national level. Against this background, two reports are availalbein Dutch: Towards Circular Region Utrecht (strategic lookout) and Utrecht region - circular economy in practice (best practices).

To increase the availability and continuity of (renewable raw) materials by reducing the import of virgin materials in the Utrecht region by 2030. To realise high quality recycling on prioritised material streams and by redesigning product / material chains. In cooperation with local circular activities within municipalities in the Province of Utrecht this can result in new jobs, start-ups, economic growth and a reduction in environmental impact.

Cooperation partners
Municipality of Utrecht, Municipality of Amersfoort, Economic Board Utrecht, USI and Nature & Environment Federation Utrecht in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

Lead time
2015 - now

Contact person USI

For more information about Circular Region Utrecht, please contact USI or take a look at the databank of Circular Region Utrecht.

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