Please find below the annual reports of USI (some only available in Dutch). 


In 2015 Carolien van Hemel succeeded Jacqueline Cramer as director of USI. In June, the EFRD-funding came to an end and USI successfully continued its activities. Therefore, the annual report is in two parts.


In this annual report you can read about the beautiful results achieved by USI in 2014. The project portfolio has expanded and the events organised by USI drew many interested participants.


In 2013, we have worked hard to strengthen the cooperation with our network partners and in developing and executing concrete projects. In collaboration with our knowledge and business partners, we have further defined USI's activities.


After the initial phase of our institute in 2011, 2012 was the year of consolidation. We have built up the institute both in content and in organization, strengthening links with the knowledge and business partners and friends of USI.


USI officially launched in 2011, together with 10 affiliated knowledge partners, the core team of 8 companies and the Province of Utrecht and several municipalities.


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